We have designed some amazing gardens in the last five years.  Please wait a moment while the images of them load.
I hope you enjoy looking at them; if you would like to discuss how we can help you please get in touch.

Holiday cottages, Cornwall

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A spacious plot with one home is being developed into two high end cottages.  Our brief was to make the most of the budget to create elegant seaside gardens affording views over the new houses to the sea beyond.  There is provision for games rooms/hot tubs at the top of the site and also [...]

Party pad garden, Australia

This Melbourne garden has a great deal of potential.  The house is being renovated and has a large wall to one side of the garden, belonging to a neighbouring factory.  Our design brings the focus down from the wall with a large red overhead structure and a dark grey re-paint of the wall itself.  This [...]

Small private garden, Bradford on Avon

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This is a garden overlooked on all sides and our brief was to create a secluded, private space.  Three small trees are included at the end of the garden to give screening and a steel pergola allows fragrant roses and wisteria to grow over the garden, giving dappled shade and privacy. There are three [...]

Town house garden, Bath

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Following the renovation of a beautiful town house in the historic Great Pulteney Street in Bath, my clients were seeking to create a garden which would suit their new home.  The design is simple and echoes Georgian design principles in its symmetry and use of traditional materials. Pyrus calleryana 'Chanticleer' trees will give a degree [...]

Woodland retreat, Berkshire

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My clients were renovating their home and keen to create a secluded woodland garden which would provide plenty of space for relaxing, entertaining and for the kids to be free. We designed a wooden hot tub looking up into the branches of an oak tree, a kitchen garden with a bespoke fruit cage system and [...]