We have designed some amazing gardens in the last five years.  Please wait a moment while the images of them load.
I hope you enjoy looking at them; if you would like to discuss how we can help you please get in touch.

Woodland family garden, Cheam

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This garden creates the transition between a modern house and a recently purchased wild wood.  Near the house paving is linear and formal, arranged in a way which allows for future extension of the house.  There is then a cosy seating area for a BBQ near the house and some storage for a few garden [...]

Stoneworks showroom, Wiltshire

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Space to showcase the range of stone produced by a high-end stone supplier near Bath.  The brief was to include a fire pit, pizza oven, existing trees, sunken seating area, room for outdoor sofas and of course create the wow factor for the showroom.  The busiest time of year here is winter so planting is [...]

Roof terrace, London


My clients were selling their property on the riverside in Putney and needed to give the terrace and internal areas a lift.  Simple loungers and mirrored planters were used, to show the potential for sitting outside and introduce some greenery without making the space feel cluttered. Outside we used Ginkgo biloba, Festuca glauca 'Elijah blue,' [...]

Fernside Road, London

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A small garden which needs to work hard: space for children to play, space for a BBQ, space to eat outside and a gorgeous view.  The solution was to turn the design to an angle, creating two triangular borders.  Feature lighting on the rear wall creates a point of interest as well as giving a [...]

Balham Park Road, London

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My clients in Balham were extending their house and also had a new baby.  The garden was previously filled with brick paving and overlooked, a common London problem.  The design needed to create a lush, tranquil space to be enjoyed largely in the evening, which would balance the new extension.  Opposite a large window a [...]

Honeybrook Road, London

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A small and shady garden in London needed to provide space to play, store toys and grow cottage garden style plants.  An existing shed needed to stay but be integrated into the space and an existing patio needed to stay but have a new step to link it to the lawn. We used softwood horizontal [...]

Trinity Road, London

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A garden for a lively family - the property has an existing shed which could become a garden office, and three gorgeous cherry trees. A trampoline for the kids has been sunken in the garden and the spoil from the hole used to create a safety bank stopping the children from bouncing into the shed [...]