Project Description

A small, overlooked patch of Clapham had the potential to become a chic entertaining space.  The garden already had slate tiles which we wanted to keep, and the rest was a brick box with slate chippings – not ideal for a new baby to play on.  We built raised beds to contain interesting, textural plants such as Ginkgo biloba ‘Horizontalis,’ Anemone ‘Wild Swan and Phyllostachys nigra.  Brushed steel lights bring the garden to life in the evening and help to tell if the sausages are cooked, and the kids toys can be stored in our built in bench.  The bench and trellis are built in hardwood and will silver over time.  We matched the existing paving and used this slate to cap the raised beds, which are all Miami white.  The finishing touch in the garden is three large white planters housing olive trees underplanted with mint, thyme and rosemary – all in handy picking distance of the kitchen doors.